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Zeekin.com: The Best Real Estate Marketplace Software for Realtors & Investors

07/17/2020 12:49 PM

When one analyses the current real estate market, it appears that the relevance of the real estate software industry is growing day by day. Despite the limitations of the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, the real estate market continues to stride forward while grappling with newer challenges. Amidst this field of tough competition, Zeekin.com has emerged as one of the best real estate marketplace software for realtors and investors. Zeekin has managed to successfully integrate unique features and functionalities to suit the modern demands.

When it comes to real estate software for investors, there are categories such as commercial property investing, house flipping and wholesaling, and rental property investing. These require a whole new array of software options such as value analysis, cash flow analysis, report generation, repair cost calculation, project management calendar, profit projections, online rent collection and accounting and so on. Keeping all these demands in mind, Zeekin offers options such as easy integration of different revenue models, seamless browsing experience using advanced searchandising, analytics and reports to assist your decision making and also a hassle-free migration from existing platforms. Hence Zeekin emerges as the ideal choice when it comes to real estate software for investors.

Zeekin also happens to excel in and provide the best real estate software solutions in the category of real estate management software. Some of the essential features that make up for an ideal real estate management software in the current times are as follows: accounting and budgeting, rent payment processing, tenant management, document management, landlord expenses and payments management and landlord statement. In a similar vein, Zeekin offers certain innovative features such as DX-(MLS) enabled ecosystem to buy, sell, rent, mortgage, etc and CRM integration and Comprehensive Lead Management. There is also the Advanced Site Management along with the Notification Centre and Activity Monitor tools. Then there is also the feature of CRM Assimilation which enables you to communicate with your customers, gather data and offer instant solutions thereby resulting in effortless marketing automation and opportunity management.

In the case of realtors, the real estate listing software is of utmost importance. Zeekin is aware of this and has thus developed the IDX Integration- (MLS), the Multi-listing Service/Internet Data Exchange, which are keenly incorporated to cater to the respective requirements constituting the broker commission tracking and from entire to limiting the property data, as per the rules set by MLS. A powerful and highly accurate real estate listing feature is crucial for the growth of any real estate agency. And that is why Zeekin also provides features such as Map View. Apart from the usual property listings, browsing for property is made a much simplified experience using the Map View since it displays the properties on a map which makes it easy for users to search for properties in locations of their choice. Additionally there is the Smart Map option that allows users to quickly access properties in a location that they desire by drawing over that particular spot in these virtual maps. Also Zeekin’s social networking features allow users to ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ properties resulting in an increased viral visibility of your portal through popular social networking sites. Thus Zeekin proves its competence through innovation even when it comes to real estate listing software.

All these features mentioned happens to make Zeekin all the more desirable and suitable for both realtors and investors who are keen on choosing the best real estate marketplace software that can satisfy the demands of an ever evolving real estate software industry.

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