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The Best Marketplace Software for Real Estate Global Industry

07/24/2020 12:11 PM

Technology has revolutionized the real estate market in unimaginable ways in the past few years and it continues to do so. In fact, it would only be right to say that technology has managed to better as well as enrich the real estate industry. Real estate software and real estate marketplace software have been crucial in freeing the real estate market from the monopoly of real estate agents. The creation of digital real estate marketplaces has been beneficial to both buyers and users alike. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the best marketplace software for real estate at the global level, and analyse how some of their technological innovations and strategies have gained them global acclaim.

Today, the real estate software industry has a growing vocabulary with words such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, predictive analytics, and machine learning becoming common. The global real estate market is seen to embrace innovation and technology as the future as it is evident from the success of some of the best global real estate marketplace platforms. The London-based startup Atlant is a blockchain platform, whose use of ‘tokenized ownership’ has managed to reduce the cost of buying and owning real estate properties. Then there is the Oakland based startup Roofstock that has utilized technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning in real estate management software to enable property investors to focus their complete attention on asset management while Roofstock took care of the property management. The development of cloud-based software that allows users to manage all their daily property related activities from a single platform is the contribution of Buildium, a Boston tech company to the real estate software industry. The San Francisco based start-up Rentberry is known for its creation of a cost effective and profitable online rental marketplace that brings together landlords and tenants without the presence of real estate agents. Thus, they also managed to create a safe space for negotiation between the two sides that would further result in mutual agreements. 

When it comes to real estate apps, Zillow is one that is held in high esteem for many reasons. It provides home value estimates, past sale prices and also provides pricing based on location in real time. When it comes to real estate investing, BiggerPockets is a real estate app that provides detailed and free information on real estate through its blogs, podcasts, e-books, and forums, which makes it a huge hit among those interested in the real estate marketplace and its working mechanisms. Homesnap, Realtor and Trulia are a few of the real estate software platforms that utilize MLS (Multiple Listing System) to provide quick access to updated or newer listings. 

An analysis of these global real estate software platforms and their performances provide crucial insights. It is worth noticing that as a trusted real estate marketplace software platform, Zeekin, also provides most of the above mentioned features and advancements. There is also the highly innovative geo-targeted mobile application by Zeekin which helps in viewing properties located near the user or agent without searching. Even in terms of real estate management software, Zeekin leads the way as it has features such as website management as well as agency and agent monitoring and management. All these features go on to speak of how Zeekin achieves and maintains global standards in its service.

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