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Real Estate Software for Builders & Real Estate Agents; Market Opportunities and Industry Analysis till 2025!

07/03/2020 2:51 PM

Reports from across the globe suggests that the real estate software for builders and real estate agents market is about to witness an interesting development, for it is predicted that the market will rise at an annual rate of 8.90% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2025. Apparently there are a lot of factors contributing to this market growth such as extensive industrialization, urbanization, digitalization and so on. Real estate market analysts and their findings reveal that the market for both, real estate software for builders and real estate software for agents, is predicted to witness robust growth over the upcoming few years. Statistics reveal that the global real estate software market is expected to reach to USD 12.89 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5% from 2020 to 2025. These facts and figures seem to signal a green flag for real estate software platforms to gear up for the changes, demands and challenges ahead of the growth curve

The market size of the real estate software for builders and real estate agents will depend on many diverse aspects such as advancement in technology, customer expectations and behavior patterns, regional demands and so forth. It is time for builders and real estate agents to adapt to the changing dimensions of the real estate marketplace, both global and regional, by focusing on the right real estate software and platforms in order to obtain great results. Real estate software for builders and real estate software for agents are thereby designed to simplify, innovate and effectively manage the business operations of both users respectively.

At this point, it is also essential to take a look at the present marketplace scenario of the real estate software for builders and real estate agents. The market has been divided or segmented into categories based on factors such as key players, product type, application, region etc. Accordingly the current key players of the global market are:Tally Solutions, Daemon Information Systems, Apto, Brokermint, RealSpace, Bitrix, ITAakash Strategic Software, Realty Redefined, ABC Info Soft, Astral Technologies, In4velocity Systems, Dataman Computer Systems, Propertybase, Kanix Infotech, Mutha Technosoft LLP. A detailed study of these top players will be helpful in understanding their growth and strategies. Based on the type, the products are classified into two types- On Cloud and On Premise. And based on application, the market is classified into Large Enterprises,Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs). Further based on regions, Market segmentation is mainly as follows North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Central & South America.

All these statistics will prove to be useful guidelines for understanding the changing dynamics of both the real estate software for builders as well as the real estate software for agents. The real estate industry is at the juncture of major changes owing to the current global pandemic which has paved way for new trends in the real estate marketplace. The epidemic has caused some major changes in the economy as prices of raw materials are rising alongside a slight reduction of land prices, which requires real estate builders to remain in the competition by investing in cost effective measures through real estate software and platforms. Investing in the best real estate platform software can be advantageous in the current circumstances considering how the digital marketplace is getting busier and crowded day by day. Real estate software is the ideal solution to all the woes of everyone involved in the real estate industry- agents, buyers or sellers. This is because it provides a hassle free communication gateway in terms of buying, selling, payments etc. As a real estate platform software, Zeekin remains conscious and focused intently on effectively dealing with the expected growth patterns and changes within the next five years with regard to the real estate industry and real estate software marketplace.

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