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Which is the Best Real Estate Marketplace Software?

05/06/2021 8:35 PM

The real estate business slowed down for a while after the recent pandemic brought the world to its knees, but it never went out of the picture. Property purchases did not really stop, rather, the marketplace catered to different needs. People started investing in safe places to call home, with the basic amenities and a safe neighborhood, rather than purchasing luxury real estate. Now that there are vaccinations to keep the virus at bay and we will soon be free to move about as before, interest in real estate properties are going up again. 

If you are a real estate business owner, there is no better time to invest in your business’ growth. It is not enough to have a physical store, or conventional purchase cycles that include tedious open houses, numerous site visits, and millions of phone calls between buyers, sellers, and agents. You need to keep up with the times and move your business online to scale up and expand. The no-touch restrictions put in place by Covid-19 have changed consumer buying trends and people are now used to the exceptional convenience that comes with online shopping. If they can buy cars and groceries online, why not houses too?

If you have not already invested in an online real estate software, you need to find a solutions provider immediately who can help you curate a complete online real estate platform for your real estate business. Zeekin is one such online real estate platform provider who has been helping numerous real estate businesses take their services online over the years.

If you are wondering which is the best real estate marketplace software in the marketplace, you are wondering about the wrong question. You need to figure out which is the best online real estate marketplace for your business, which fits your organizational goals and aligns well with your sales targets as well. 

One of the primary features that any good real estate platform must have include a great property listing portal that gives detailed information about the properties that your sellers upload and users might be interested in. Users prefer to get as much information about the uploaded properties as possible, such as area, number of bedrooms, and even the amenities in the neighbourhood. 

Another important feature your online real estate marketplace must have is CRM capabilities to help manage the appointments between buyers and sellers or buyers and agents. As your business increases, conventional data keeping simply won’t be enough. You will need a CRM system to streamline and manage all your business processes efficiently. 

An online real estate solutions provider like Zeekin can also provide you with exclusive features like native mobile apps so your business can go mobile, fully controlled access privileges, XML feed automation, smart maps to guide users to the best properties near them, and seamless integration using API’s.

Set up a comprehensive real estate ecosystem for your real estate business to stay ahead of your competition and curate the best possible digital experiences for your end users. 

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