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The 7 Components Every Real Estate Website Needs for Effective Real Estate Marketing

07/31/2020 10:32 AM

How crucial is the role of a real estate website when it comes to real estate marketing? Well, if one considers the contemporary times and the fast pace at which the world is evolving digitally, the answer would be that a website is quintessential for the survival and growth of any real estate agency. But most importantly, it is not just about having a website, it is also about having the best website that can greatly enhance one’s business and therefore serve as the most effective form of marketing. We present to you a list of the 7 essential components or real estate website requirements to create the best website that suits all your marketing needs:

A website acts as the face of a business and therefore must reflect the business and its aspirations first and foremost, while also producing a visual appeal. Therefore, one of the important real estate portal features is an attractive design or website template that can capture the attention of its users, which includes both buyers and sellers. Not only should it focus on aesthetics but must also be user friendly, providing easy access to the key features of your real estate website.

In this digital era, the desirability of a website depends upon the user’s perceptions and expectations. Hassle-free website navigation along with appropriate filter-based searches can go a long way when it comes to exploring the best real estate portal features. This essentially means websites must be designed in order to fulfill user expectations and also to promptly provide the information that visitors seek.

Apart from providing your contact information on the website, it is equally important that the contact information of property sellers is also listed. Additionally, it is also expected that this information is only a single click away for the website users and visitors, thereby ensuring that it does not lead to a pop up or to a non-existent page. And current trends suggest that dedicated social media presence in the form of accounts in Twitter, Facebook, and so on must also be directly linked to the website, thereby making it easier for users to access it. 

One among the many other real estate website requirements is the need for content development in the form of blogs, videos, social media interactions, advertisements, and so on, made possible through Search Engine Optimization. This consistent and relevant content creation is a meaningful way of engaging with clients and visitors. 

A significant aspect of real estate website modules is the software services that enhance the website user experience such as multiple quality images for property listings including 360-degree virtual tours, map-based location listing, engagement tools such as calculators for mortgage, refinance, EMI, and so on. Also, localization features and local information are a few other services that are much sought after by users these days. 

When one considers property listing website features, MLS- IDX Integration is an important factor as it paves the way forward for more clients. It simplifies the search for online property for users, thereby providing them a great experience which strengthens their trust in you. A detailed listing includes property display pages complete with MLS IDX fields, photos, videos, and virtual tours.  

This refers to the systematic collection and management of the leads obtained using the website data. Leads management is a crucial part of real estate website modules. This includes Lead Profiling and Lead Nurturing which make way for acquiring potential clients by observing, analyzing and acting upon their website activity history. 

  • Designed to Attract: 

  • Seamless Navigation and Search Options: 

  • The Expanded Role of Contact Information: 

  • Content Management and Visibility:

  • Services component:

  • IDX Integration:

  • Leads Management:  

In conclusion, remember that the benefits of investing in a website are numerous as it serves to expand the business horizons and also acts as the best form of marketing. With regard to property listing website features, Zeekin happens to be the right choice, considering the wide array of features it offers for creating the best real estate website for effective marketing. 

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