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How to Build a Comprehensive Real Estate Ecosystem

01/27/2022 10:24 AM
Digital transformations have been happening all over the world ever since the pandemic has bloomed. Digitalizing businesses have evolved to a level where it has become a necessity rather than a luxury. 

So, it is evident that the real estate industry is booming day by day, even when the pandemic has struck the whole world. Why? Because everyone is in search of a place that will turn into their safe abode. Considering the fact that having a safe and secure home is something everyone dreams of, it is important to understand the trends and transformations that have been influencing the real estate industry.

Let’s start with a couple of questions : 
How do you build a comprehensive real estate ecosystem
Do you have a strong real estate software that is capable of enhancing your business? 
If the answer is yes, are you sure your portal has got everything to build a powerful real estate portal?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, partnering with Zeekin is the right decision to make in order to succeed in the real estate industry.
Let us take a walk through the exclusive features that Zeekin has got to offer in building a strong real estate marketplace:

Connected CRM

A connected CRM is capable of connecting all the internal and external activities that take place in sales, services, and marketing. Zeekin’s CRM software provides a complete view of your customer activities and you can manage everything related to your business from a customizable dashboard. With an end-to-end automated system, Zeekin’s CRM software is capable of streamlining the whole business process. Be it lead management, customer services, or after-sales engagements, Zeekin’s CRM manages customer relations and provides holistic experiences.

Geo-Targeted Mobile Applications  

Zeekin’s native mobile applications give your customers the option to find properties of their preferences without having to search for them. With its geofencing technology, all the properties that best suit your user needs are allocated to their vicinity so that they can choose the best ones easily. This makes your business management more seamless than ever before.

Interactive Smart Maps

Your customers can use integrated smart maps to find the property listings and other facilities that are available in a particular area. All that the users have to do is simply draw the area of their interest and all the services and availability such as vendor listings, property listings, and other details related to the preferred area can be easily viewed.

Fully Controlled Access Privileges

Zeekin gives you the ability to take control over the access privileges of your software system. You get to choose and assign access to particular areas such as managing properties, sales, and services. What makes this feature exclusive is that you can assign and change access privileges whenever you want and control all of this from a single dashboard.

Seamless Integrations Using API

Integrating new data into an existing system is not complex anymore. With Zeekin’s API integrations, you can now easily update new data to your existing system in real-time. Zeekin takes away the complexity of data migrations and provides your customers with relevant information and updates about your properties without breaking the seamless workflow.

XML Feed Automation 

Zeekin is equipped with seamless XML feed automation that will help your users update their feed with properties of their choice from their own dashboard. This will help them update their property details, and the XML feeds will work in a fully automated way so that real-time updates about the property listings are the only ones shown in the feed.

A Fully Automated Real Estate Platform

Zeekin is an end-to-end automated real estate software that will completely digitalize your real estate business. You can seamlessly integrate all your business operations and manage everything about your business using a single dashboard. From advanced search filters to property listings and dynamic attribute management, Zeekin has got everything you need to build a strong real estate marketplace.

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