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Real Estate Marketplace Software: Important Features and User Attractions

08/21/2020 12:37 PM

Global reports state that over the last few years, a growing majority of the population prefer to search, buy, or rent properties online than consult an agent or refer to any other sources of information. And surprisingly, it is not just the young adults but even the categories of older users who prefer to limit their correspondence to online search channels regarding property sales and rentals. This huge change is characteristic of how advanced technologies have transformed and revolutionized the basic nature of the real estate industry in modern times. Real estate business is no longer confined to its physical presence but is now conquering the digital space as well. Utilizing the right real estate marketplace platform and real estate marketplace software makes this possible for many real estate agents and investors who are keen on keeping up with the digital world of real estate. It is of utmost importance that you choose a real estate clone script that promotes the seamless integration of both buyer and seller activities within a single interface. For those who are still hesitant about upgrading themselves in similar ways, we are listing out some of the important features and attractions of real estate marketplace software that makes it relevant to all groups of users today.

A well defined real estate marketplace platform like Zeekin boasts of a comprehensive ecosystem through which one is aware of every minute happenings in the real estate market world. This enables us to stay ahead in the game compared to other players in the same field. The use of Smart Maps is yet another highlight that makes it easier for users to view all the available properties within a specific location as requested by them. Then there are also the regular analytics and reports features that are extremely useful for both agents and investors, as they provide useful insights regarding the most popular properties, information on user behavior, market trends, and more. There is also the option of real time enquiry and access to property, user and revenue reports which enables oneself to be well informed. A real estate website also requires constant attention to keep its content relevant for users. Very often, people run a Google search for the features and details that they look out for in properties. So the website must be well equipped to attain search visibility through robust functioning of its blog features, social media interactions, and powerful SEO framework. Therefore, site management and site administration are made hassle free through efficient real estate marketplace software like Zeekin.

Marketing is another essential aspect that is taken care of through real estate software for investors. An integrated online marketing strategy is the best way to reach the target audience using various channels and formats, such as newsletters, push notifications, and social networking features. Coming to some of the truly revolutionary features of real estate software for investors, Business Intelligence tools, engagement tools, and leads management tools are the best. The BI tools promote effective user engagement through dynamic portal management while engagement tools consisting of calculators for mortgage, refinance, EMI, and Affordability Index are quite appealing to users. There is also the need to include local information and services related to properties to gain the confidence of users. Advertisements are also a way of income generation and user attraction; hence a real estate platform should be structured to include this as well. 

Zeekin is aware of the requirements, functionalities, and features expected of a real estate clone script and does true justice in transforming your offline real estate business to also conquer the online space. As a powerful real estate platform software, Zeekin contains some of the best features that are customizable to suit your business needs and is also designed to attract users as guaranteed. 

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