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What Are the Main Features of an Online Real Estate Platform?

05/14/2021 10:12 AM

The real estate industry is looking up once more, and real estate businesses are keeping up with the times by going digital and taking their offerings online. If people are ready to buy jewelry and even cars online, why would they not want to buy their dream homes from the safety of their own homes? This is especially vital in the current scenario as the pandemic we are facing makes it difficult for people to venture outside. This means that it is simply not feasible for your consumers to indulge in the various steps of a conventional property buying cycle, which includes numerous human interactions and increases their risk of exposure. 

You need to build your own online marketplace for your real estate business and give your customers the luxury of safe shopping. In order to give your end-users amazing shopping experiences that will keep them coming back to you for more, you will need a complete real estate platform like Zeekin that can cater to their every need. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of an online real estate platform.

Easy User Onboarding:

You need to keep your user onboarding short and simple. Do not try to get too much information from your users as they will likely get bored and leave your platform. Stick to the generic ones like name and email address, as you can get more user information once you have onboarded your user. 

Distinctive User Profiles:

Your online real estate platform will be used by buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. It is not advisable to let them all share a general platform. Having different user profiles will help you let your users create profiles that are suited for the role they have in the property management cycle.

Detailed Listing Database:

Buyers want as much information about potential properties as possible, such as the property type, area, unique selling points of the property, information about the neighborhood the property is located in, and the amenities that are easily accessible. Provide your buyers with more purchasing power by ensuring that your property listing portal is detailed. You can also add pictures and virtual video tours to amplify the user experience.

Filter Features: 

You will need to help your users filter through the thousands of properties available on your online real estate platform. You can help users refine their search with advanced search features and the capabilities to sort property based on popularity, price, and proximity, among other criteria.

Favourites Option:

Give your users a chance to earmark the properties they like so that they can go back and look at them again at their own convenience. This will make the lives of your users much easier as they won’t have to search again for a property that they already like.

Calendars and DM:

Let your buyers and sellers connect with each other through direct messages and eliminate the need for a third party. It is also important to include a calendar feature that can help your sellers and agents schedule open houses for your buyers.

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