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6 Aspects of a Real Estate Website Prospective Buyers Look For

11/30/2019 12:54 PM

In this age, where the number of real estate experts are growing at a high rate, the only way to keep up the increasing competition is to capture a part of your target online. The digital era influences buyers to resort to the web while searching for properties and agents. This means you need to pull up your socks and make a stunning online presence. The first step to that would be to create an amazing real estate website. For that, you need to step into your buyer’s shoes and think of what you would expect when you enter a particular website.

So, what exactly would a home buyer look for on a real estate website? Let’s see.

Images & Videos

The caption “content is king” is especially true for your website. Your website should be so appealing that it catches the buyer’s eyes in a matter of seconds. The best way to do this is through stunning imagery; always keep in mind that you place your images strategically and also give apt captions. Buyers may come to your site in search of properties, which is of their budget and is located in their desired neighbourhood. On entering your website, if they don’t find any pictures, it is much likely that they will move on keep searching in other sites. After all, pictures do speak a thousand words :)

To make it even better, add videos of a tour to your properties and it is sure to bring you a lot of online traffic. You can also take it up a notch by creating video blogs providing leads with all the information they need.

Neighbourhood Details

Buyers who usually come to your site, come in search of properties that not only match their budget and design, but also are located in a good neighbourhood. Especially, people who are new to a certain place, would love to have all reliable details of the neighbourhood mentioned on the site they are looking at.  

Many websites would claim every neighbourhood to be nice as nobody would want to move into a bad one. To be set aside from the rest of the sites, you need to make sure to add neighbourhood data on your site from trustable sources. Trustable sources can be  statistics from government agencies and associations that track crime rates, income levels, and school ratings even if they are not the best.

Map-Based Search

A majority of buyers would love to view properties on a map to get an exact idea of where the properties are located. Zeekin Smart Map feature does just the thing. With this feature, prospective buyers can find all the property details location wise, easily and quickly. They can mark the area of their interest on the map and all properties of that particular area will be displayed from which they can choose their property of interest to know more.

Relevant Blogs

It has become a common practice to have a blog section on most of the real estate websites nowadays. Make your blogs as informative as possible and it bound to stand out from the others. A real estate blog is vital and your posts can help you generate leads even long after they’ve been published.

Expert Advice

One of the best ways to establish trust online before even communicating with your prospective buyer is to give them professional advice that will help them in the home buying process like mortgage options, buying and selling tips, case studies etc. Don’t hesitate to share any kind of relevant information you know with your prospective buyers; be it ways to get the best price for the house they want,, how to secure the best mortgage rate, or who to contact for kind of miscellaneous work.

Real estate platforms like Zeekin provide features which enable real estate agents add local experts like interior designers, electricians, maintenance etc, which can be viewed by the users when in need of any such services.


It is always good to have a testimonials section on your real estate website as  they are one of the most effective ways to gain trust and establish credibility.

Don’t make it too hard for prospects to find your testimonials and always make sure to the put best ones on your homepage. When buyers read what other buyers have said about your services or products, it is more believable and helps in building trust, thus increasing chances of conversion.

With these real estate website tips, you can take your site to the next level by providing homebuyers with the right tools and information they need to make a knowledgeable and informed buying decision.

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