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Must-have Features for Real Estate Agents' and Brokers' Websites

03/06/2020 12:32 PM

Real estate is a booming marketplace in this age, especially now that real estate businesses are moving their services online. The online trend is essential for real estate businesses to keep up with the evolving consumer demands of today and one of the basic necessities for an online business is a website where people can interact with the business and each other. The real estate portal features you choose to incorporate into your business can make or break your online real estate business. The overall success of all your hard work will be highly dependent on how well you can create the website to suit the needs of your users. The most important features of a real estate website include the following:

User Friendly Design:

One of the foremost considerations you must make while designing the essential features of a real estate website is the user friendliness of the website. It is the platform where users interact with you and decide whether or not they want to do business with you. Visual aesthetics play an important role here, as first impressions definitely make an impact on your potential customer’s decision to stay and explore your website. Functionality is of course the most important aspect of a user-friendly experience once you have managed to get your lead hooked. Make sure your website is simple to navigate through; avoid clutter and ensure prompt response times.

Search Engine Optimized Content:

Another one of the main real estate website requirements is good quality content. The content you put up on your website will act as an agent in bringing you more visibility online. Today’s generation thrives on good content, and it can serve the dual functionality of acting as a lead acquisition and retention tool as well as a great opportunity for online marketing. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content greatly helps your ranking on search engines, thereby increasing your chances of getting leads online.

Features for Lead Acquisition and Retention:

Investing in a good Customer Relationship Management tool is a good way to ensure customer retention and loyalty. Engaging customers is important to make sure that their interest in your company remains unwavering. You can get the attention of customers by providing interesting blogs on relevant topics, as well as enabling discussion forums where customers can share their thoughts and feedback. An engaged customer is a happy customer.

Integration of IDX features:

Yet another one of the essential features of a real estate website is the integration of Internet Data Exchange software. IDX is used as a software standard and comprises of a set of rules and policies that are used to display multiple listings on your website. This keeps your database updated on verified and reliable listings, in turn generating more leads.

Customization Features:

Customizing your website to ensure a smooth user experience is the only way to go! Adding advanced filters and search options to your website as well as intriguing pictures of different listings is a good idea. Customization in every possible aspect is definitely something you should add to list of real estate portal software features for your website.

Flexibility Features:

Finally, as more and more of the population turns to their mobile devices for their necessities including shopping, the next step is obviously shopping for the property through these incredibly handy pixelated devices. Make sure your website is flexible enough to be responsive in real-time on mobile phones, without discernible lags or errors.

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