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Meet Team Zeekin to Help Real Estate Agencies to Transform Your Business Digitally

06/26/2020 2:17 PM

Experts are of the opinion that the second half of 2020 will see the most progress for the real estate sector and only the intelligent players will stay ahead in the game. As the Covid situation continues to threaten our economy, it has also resulted in presenting a whole new set of challenges for real estate marketplaces. As social distancing and staying home becomes the new norm, real estate agencies might find it tricky to remain relevant. This situation is exactly what that calls for the digitalization of real estate agencies and this where real estate platform solutions come into play. Digital marketing was considered as the future of real estate for a long time and today it is a reality. Investment in software for real estate marketplaces is considered as the need of the hour for real estate agencies. Look no further in this respect as Zeekin, the real estate platform software, is capable of providing the ideal solutions to the woes and needs of real estate agencies in the current times.

So what are the features that make Zeekin stand out as a unique real estate platform solution:

  • IDX-(MLS) enabled ecosystem to Buy, Sell, Rent, Mortgage, etc - Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is responsible for allowing members of a multiple listing service (MLS) to integrate real estate listings from the MLS database into their own websites. IDX provides many advantages for agents. Agents who have not incorporated listings into their website via IDX are considered to be at a disadvantage when compared to agents who do display listings.

  • Monitor, rate and analyze the performance of your agents- Companies increasingly depend on technology to gain exact data that is required to efficiently monitor agent performance and customer satisfaction as these factors greatly impact business performance. Agent management and monitoring as well as agent rating and performance analysis are the various aspects that come into scrutiny in this sense.

  • CRM Integration & Comprehensive lead Management - Lead management combined with customer relationship management is crucial in business profitability and is a part of customer acquisition management. Lead profiling and lead nurturing are also part of this.

  • Strategize using real time analytics and reports - Data analytics is quite useful for real estate agencies to increase efficiency and revenues, improve customer service efforts, enhance marketing aspects and adapt to emerging market trends.

As a real estate platform software, Zeekin provides advanced technological solutions such as Advanced Searchandising, Map View, Smart Maps, Integrated Online Marketing, Social Features, Portfolio Mail, Business Intelligence Tools and more of these.

As of today, is imperative that real estate agencies transform their businesses digitally as there are numerous benefits in doing so. It helps in consolidating or bringing together the various aspects of the real estate business under a single umbrella, thus paving way for ease of business. Along with this, a digital platform is equipped to deal better with customer acquisition and management in an effective manner thus leading to better relationships between the customer and clients. Moreover real estate platform solutions such as Zeekin provides an organized management of the workforce as well as provide consistent reports and analysis aimed at bettering the functionality of these businesses.

As software for real estate marketplaces , Zeekin proves advantageous in terms of its expertise and market knowledge. Moreover it is designed to meet the growing demands and challenges of the real estate marketplace. Therefore meet Team Zeekin who can assist you to successfully conquer the digital space of the real estate market.

Go digital with Zeekin.

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