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How to Increase Conversions for Your Online Real Estate Business

05/28/2021 9:10 PM
Real estate is a booming sector, despite the restriction placed by the pandemic that brought the world to its knees in 2019. People are always on the hunt for safe places to call home, and now seems a better time than ever to invest in safety. 

If you are a real estate business owner or investor who is looking for novel ways to increase conversions for your online real estate business, we can tell you that the best solution is to invest in a comprehensive real estate platform for your business. Now, naturally, the next question you will ask will be: what is the best real estate marketplace software?

There is no one answer to this question. The real estate platform that best suits your business needs is the one that is best for the growth of your business. A good real estate platform must have the following features which you need to keep in mind while you are building your online real estate marketplace.

Simplified User Onboarding:

Users will get deterred easily if your onboarding process is unnecessarily long and complicated. The only way to increase your onboarding rate is to define simple work flows for your user onboarding page. 

Differentiated User Profiles:

It is important to let buyers and sellers and agents create profiles that are best suited to their specific roles in your property management cycle. The needs and requirements of your end users will vary according to the part they play in your property management system, hence you need to make sure that they get to build individualistic profiles. 

Reliable Listing Database:

This is where your buyers and sellers can engage through the different properties that are put up for sale. Your listing base must be detailed and also updated periodically so that users get real time access to relevant data. You can give property information such as area, neighbourhood amenities, nearest schools and hospitals, among others, to help your users narrow down their search. 

Sorting Features: 

Guide your users to their dream properties in the locations they desire quickly and efficiently. You can do this with filters and sorting features such as property attribute management capabilities. Comprehensive online real estate platforms such as Zeekin help you guarantee user satisfaction with advanced storing and filtration capabilities.  

Favourites Option:

Give your users the opportunity to earmark the properties that they find desirable in the course of their search for a dream property. This way, they can go back and compare between the shortlisted properties that they find most suitable for their needs. 

Analytics Tools:

Analytics tools will help you understand user behaviour and interactions with your online real estate1 platform. This will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your platform so that you can tweak your business to reflect your strengths and eliminate the weak points holding you back.

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