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How to Create a Real Estate Website using Zillow Clone Script?

03/30/2020 4:20 PM

Watch the powerful features of Zillow come to life on your real estate website with the Zillow PHP clone script.

TBuilding a website from scratch can be overwhelming at times, and not everyone has the resources to go through the hassles of it. In such a scenario, the best solution is to use a clone script. Read on to know more about clone scripts with focus on Zillow clone script.

Clone scripts are great to use

Many are cautious about using a clone script as they have doubts about its effectiveness legality. Put your fears to rest because a clone script is legal and builds fully functional and efficient websites

  • Do not hesitate to use clone scripts considering it as a copy of a website. The fact is that clone scripts are developed by experts from scratch and are a cost-effective solution to help you start an online business

  • The ready-made clone scripts replicate successful websites and allow you to incorporate these proven features and functionalities into your website. You can minimize your start-up costs and quickly launch your website.

All you need to know about Zillow clone script

Zillow is a leading real estate website in the US with a huge database of over 100 million homes. It has advance features and functionalities to provide end-to-end support to the customers.

Zillow clone script is a popular real estate clone script that allows you to leverage the successful features of Zillow and is ideal for small businesses or start-ups. Zillow clone script builds a real estate website with innovative features in no time. Here we take you through creating a real estate website using Zillow clone script and its prominent features.

Creating a real estate website with Zillow PHP script is easy. Once you have the technical requirements in place, you can run the ready-to-go real estate portal script. The script is customizable and expandable and helps you to modify the website according to your specific business requirements. You can also scale it up as your business grows. You will have ownership of the entire source code.

It would take 2 weeks to develop a basic website of 6 to 8 pages. An eCommerce or mid-level website might take 3 to 4 weeks to finish.

Let’s understand the salient features of Zillow clone script:

  • Multiple users and listings – You can list as many users as you require using the Zillow PHP script. Again, with this real estate clone script, multiple users can be handled at the same time.

  • Real-time results – Zillow real estate portal script offers map-based search and allows you to provide real-time results to your users.

  • Better sharing of information – Zillow clone script builds an intuitive interface that connects sellers, buyers, real estate agents, landlords, and property managers and brings an effective sharing of information among the stakeholders.

  • Manage rentals – You can facilitate the payment of rents online. Multiple landlords and properties can be handled easily through the interface.

  • Multi-device friendly – You can build a real estate website that’s responsive across all platforms. It supports mobile devices and includes iOS phones, Android phones, and Windows tablet computers.

  • Integrated calculator – There is an integrated calculator to make the real estate computations easy for the users. They can get a quick estimate of the rent or mortgage and make informed decisions.

  • Customization – The Zillow real estate clone script provides powerful customization features. You can add several custom fields so that the users can describe the listing in a better manner. Many preloaded descriptive fields are available to use.

The Zillow real estate portal script takes care of all back end work and provides you an easy to launch solution. You can quickly start your real estate website and enjoy the advanced features of Zillow at lower costs.

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