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Build Advanced 99acres Clone Website with Zeekin Real estate Software

06/02/2020 7:27 PM

A 99acres clone script is not merely a piece of software for real estate agents; it is their bread and butter in more ways than one. 99acres is has won itself a name in the real estate industry as an unrivaled real estate portal by providing impeccable services for well over one and a half decades, without any compromise on quality. So it goes without saying that many will find a 99acres clone script ideal for their real estate ventures, be it a real estate agency or a property site.

One of the more reliable sources for the 99acres clone out there is Zeekin, a leader in its industry. With an extensive database of over a hundred million homes, it is also one of the largest sites in India that facilitates real estate transactions on a huge scale. Zeekin boasts an unbeatable 99 acres clone script that has taken the digital real estate world by storm. With the promise of a hassle free approach and a great user experience to promote businesses, it is no wonder that Zeekin currently has large market shares to its name.

Zeekin can provide your real estate business exciting growth opportunities with its advanced 99acres clone script. In addition to being the most advanced custom real estate marketplace script in PHP, Zeekin has a number of features which make it stand out among competitors:

It has a mobile-first responsive feature that delivers easy navigation and a great viewing experience. It is suited for a wide range of devices and is equipped to ensure minimum resizing, panning and scrolling. The 99acres clone script in PHP also comes with an integrated search module that predicts suggest keywords, search words, and even goes so far as to correct any typing errors, to enhance the overall user experience. What's more, you get to save your frequent search combinations to make repeated searches easier.

The custom 99acres clone script Zeekin provides also comes with dynamic attribute management systems that help you prioritize properties according to their pre-defined attributes, which is great for property comparisons as well as filtering properties to narrow them down to the most desirable.

The 99acres clone script also helps to narrow down property listings in a specified area according to user interest with the smart map, in indispensable tool for buyers. Features also direct interested users to corresponding agencies, which are guided by the main administrator, who can be assigned the privileges necessary for controlled agency monitoring to ensure seamless functioning of your website. As an administrator, you can also allocate role based privileges to maintain a consistent hierarchy in management.

Another desirable advantage of using Zeekin's 99acres clone script in PHP is the ease with which you can manage your website from end to end. Intelligent business tools designed to promote more user engagement analyzes the search patterns of potential leads and curates property listings according to the specific needs of individuals, while SEO friendly tools like dynamic site maps, engaging blogs, and an active social media presence makes sure your growth is organic and sustainable.

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