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Build a Successful and Winning Real Estate Website in 2020

01/17/2020 2:42 PM

Real estate websites are flooding the internet. How do you make your website stand out from this crowd? A real estate website that ranks attracts, and makes conversions are built on great design and technology. When your website is founded on great design you build your brand online, instills trust in your company, and improves your SEO scores.

Before you build a real estate website, read on these guidelines and understand the important elements that go into building real estate agent websites. This could help you to create a winning website that can outsmart your competition.

Design of the website

The design is a crucial element in making or breaking a real estate website. User experience goes beyond the beauty of the website. It depends on several factors like ease of navigation, readable and engaging content, quick access to information, and responsiveness of the website on all platforms. Your website should be mobile and tablet friendly and compatible on all browsers. Since there are many websites for a customer to choose from any turn off in the website design can result in the customers abandoning your website for a competitor’s one.

So, before you launch your website pretest the load time, navigation, and end-to-end testing from the user’s point. Also, do a periodic analysis of the SEO factors to rank your website in the search results.

Quality images

How to build real estate website that is appealing and credible? Since images impacts more than words ensure that you use high-quality images for your real estate website. Maintain quality and professional touch throughout in all your images. The images you use has to be responsive on mobiles and tablets and should have minimum load time. Keep the size of the image small without compromising on the quality.

Compelling property descriptions

Property descriptions play an important role in the conversions of real estate agents websites. Your visitors are attracted by the images, but it is the property descriptions that actually sell the property by explaining the features, benefits and all that a customer might need to know about the property. Try to make short property descriptions that are SEO friendly and conveys the key information of the property. Remember that the description is similar to a review of the property. Highlight the positive features of the property without going overboard.

Provide useful information

Make your website informative. Customers need relevant real estate information for making informed choices. Include maps to depict the exact location of the property. Amenities and other nearby hotspots like hospitals, banks, restaurants, cafes, etc should also be highlighted on the map. You can embed Google Maps to provide a great experience and if possible customize it a bit for your brand.

You gain the confidence of your customers by providing them all the relevant details of the property in a transparent manner. Include the floor plan of the properties in your website. This will help the customers get a clear picture of the property. It can keep them engaged and build interest.

Focus on SEO friendly titles and descriptions

SEO is a key determinant for building a great online real estate business. Your website should have keyword-optimized, relevant, informative, and unique content. The titles and descriptions play a key role in ranking a website and attracting traffic. Studies have shown that click-through rates are highly dependent on the titles and meta tags used. So, optimize these factors according to the keywords you are targeting to increase the traffic to your real estate website.

Keep these guidelines in mind when you build a real estate website. Make it user-friendly and always focus on providing value and information to the customers. In today's world of internet and information, customers visit a website with high expectations and to attract them it is mandatory that you provide them an unparalleled experience through your website.

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