Easily add and edit properties anywhere using the Zeekin mobile application. Take photos on your mobile and add them to the application’s image gallery with a single click. The agents can view and modify their profiles and view the enquiries they have received, the ratings they have earned from the user, etc, on the go.


Showcase your authority and industrial knowledge by responding to question asked by the users in the forums. The app gives you the freedom to respond to enquiries, even while you are on the move. Know the price the users are willing to pay for a property using the ‘Offer a price’ feature in the app and increase the chances of closing a deal.


The app assists the agents in perfecting the sales pitch by providing all the important information about a locality, like the price of the properties around and the presence of schools, shopping malls, hospitals, cinemas, etc. The agents can understand and group the clients of similar interests by analyzing the saved search patterns of the users.


The app’s social media login helps agents view the complete profile of the user- linking, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social network profiles of the lead. Information such as pages visited by the user, information that is read by the user, etc, ensures a total view of the user and his interaction so that you can predict user requirements.


The graphical representation of real-time analytics and reports will help you easily view and understand the user behavior and market trends. By analyzing the number of views and enquiries received by a property an agent can easily know the pulse of the market and take strategic decisions.

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