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From social media login to finding, selling, Renting etc. the Zeekin mobile app gives your users an easy and unforgettable experience. Users can get ample information on every property, including property layout, images, videos, maps etc.


Encourage retention and repeated visits using our engagement tools like Q&A forums which allows users to post a question and you get to answer them, social media tools designed to take your content viral and various calculators like mortgage, refinance, EMI etc.


Comfort users using personalization features which makes them feel at home. The features like save search lets users to save their favorite search combinations and opt to gets alerts based on that. The app is intelligent enough to dynamically change the priority of property listing and suggest properties by analyzing and understanding the user behavior.


The app lets users to search for properties and amenities around in their desired location and the app’s geo-targeting capability lists the properties near the user by default and while searching. The ‘Smart Map’ feature makes search even easier, it allows users to draw the area they are interested in on the map and all properties available in that particular area will be displayed. Apart from these, the search module in the app predicts search terms, suggests key words and even corrects typos.


Apart from the engagement features the app lets users to connect with the agents and agencies and even follow them to receive regular updates. The app facilitate communication between agent and clients through enquiry facility and users can offer a price which they feel is apt for a property.


The application comes inbuilt with multiple promotion features like ‘Ad of the day’ using which you can schedule and automate advertisements in the site, The ‘Featured Projects’ feature helps you promote few properties in the site by showcasing them in the most visible areas in the app. The app has banners in highly visible locations which you can use for promotions.

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