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IDX Integration- (MLS)

The Multi-listing Service/Internet Data Exchange, are keenly incorporated to cater the respective requirements constituting the broker commission tracking, and from entire to limiting the property data, as per the rules set by MLS.

CRM Assimilation

Communicate with your customers, gather data and offer instant solutions. Effortless marketing automation and opportunity management.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

Allow users to find their desired property to Buy, Sell, Rent, Mortgage etc. with minimum effort and time. Users can get comprehensive information on every property which includes property layout, images, videos, maps etc.

Advanced Searchandising

The integrated search module provides users a seamless browsing experience. It predicts search terms, suggests key words and even corrects typos. Users, agents/agencies are allowed to save their search combinations to make repeated searches easy.

Map view

Apart from normal property listings property browsing is made a much easier experience using the map view. The map view displays the properties on a map which makes it easy for users to search for properties in their desired area. The map can be zoomed in and out to control the precision of search.

Smart Map

This is a quick and easy way to find details of all properties in a particular location. Users can draw the area they are interested in on the map and all properties available in that particular area will be displayed them. The users can click on the property of their interest to know more or contact the agent.


View the complete profile of the user- linking, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social network profiles of the lead. Information such as pages visited by the user information that is read by the user ensures a total view of the user and his interaction so that sales person will be able to make a better sales pitch.


This feature helps agents to segment and communicate with users who have shown similar search preferences. The agents can send personalized messages to each group using the newsletters or mobile push notifications available within the portal.

Agent Management and Monitoring

Zeekin makes it easy for you to track the performance of your agents using the Agent Management module. This gives a graphical representation of properties sold by an agent, leads in the funnel etc. This will help the agency predict the growth and assign targets efficiently.

Agent rating and performance analysis

Users are allowed to preview the agent’s profile, view properties listed by him, rate the quality of his service and write reviews. Better the ratings and reviews, more the chances of an agent to be contacted by users. This parameter will also help you in evaluating an agent’s performance.

Integrated Online Marketing

The integrated comprehensive online marketing tools are capable of delivering targeted and mass communication messages through different channels. You can create and schedule various campaigns for different agencies and automate the whole process using the newsletter and mobile push notification features of Zeekin.

Search visibility

Apart from having strong marketing features, Zeekin includes blog, social media sharing and an SEO friendly framework which will help you generate organic search visibility. These features will allow you to create a sustainable online visibility for the long run.

Social Features

Zeekin’s social networking features allow users to ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ properties. This helps increase the viral visibility of your portal through popular social networking sites.

Portfolio Mail

This feature enables agents to mail selected properties to clients and impress them. Using their dashboard, the agents could hand-pick properties of their choice and mail to their desired client with click of a button.

Search alerts

This feature reduces the chances of users leaving the site without being able to find the property they were looking for. Users have the facility to save a search combination and get notified if a property in that particular combination is listed in the website. Saved search reports also help you to find properties which are not included in your listing but have demand among your users.

Business Intelligence Tools

The BI functionalities are designed to promote repeated user engagement. Zeekin automatically recommends properties, displays the hot properties and properties similar to the ones that have been reviewed by the user. The portal is intelligent enough to dynamically change the priority of property listing by analyzing and understanding the user behavior.

Engagement tools

Zeekin comes with calculators for Mortgage, Refinance, EMI and Affordability Index. It also has a Question & Answer section where users can post their queries.

Offer a price

Users will be able to enter the price they are willing to pay for the properties listed with click of a button inside property detail page.

Featured Properties

You can mark a few properties as “Featured” so that it will appear in the most visible areas of the home page and inner pages. You could monetize on this facility by charging agencies an additional price for featuring their property.

Ad of the day

Schedule and automate advertisements in the site using the “Ad of the Day” functionality. You can monetise on this feature by letting agents/agencies to display their advertisements.

Banner Ads

You can display advertisements from Banks, Builders etc, at specific locations. The admin can manage these banners through the admin dashboard.

Local Information

Zeekin helps in the decision-making process of the agents and users by providing all the important information about a locality, like the price of the properties around and the presence of schools, shopping malls, hospitals, cinemas, etc. The user or agent can draw the area over the smart map to get this information.

Dedicated dashboard for agents

Agents are given a dedicated dashboard which lets them add, modify and manage their properties and save search combinations.

Local experts

The agents can recommend local experts like interior designers, electricians etc. which can be viewed by the users in need of any such services.

Migration tools

You can migrate your subscribers and properties from an existing portal easily using its bulk upload modules with a single click.

Localization features

The portal can be localized based on your target country by changing language, currency etc.

Dynamic search filters

Users can increase their search accuracy through this feature. The search filters change automatically as per the type of property chosen by the users.

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