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7 Top Digital Real Estate Trends of 2021

12/03/2021 6:10 PM
Covid-19 has weakened almost all the vital markets around the world, but the real estate industry has managed to grow even during uncertain times. The influence of online software trends which were launched in the real estate marketplaces has promoted buyers and sellers to easily shift into online portals for their demands.

If you're into the real estate business, you must know the best online software trends, so that it is simple for you to modernize your business tactics and expand to a complete real estate platform

So, what are the next big trends in real estate technology that will push you to build your own online real estate marketplace? Here is a list of the hottest industry trends to help you stay competitive: 
Big Data

Big data is a technology that helps to automate and analyze large amounts of data from various sources. It acts as a multi-solution in the real estate industry. It assists you to collect and preserve data, helps you reduce financial risks, optimize time, and deliver effective search results for the clients.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expansion

Al can streamline data management in real estate. It helps you create chatbots and virtual assistants who can directly connect with your customers and understand their queries. By using these features, you can reach out to your customers’ preferences and provide them with a better problem-solving atmosphere.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Real estate deals are a little complex because it is considered a herculean task to manage companies, realtors, customers, and tenants’ data, in the nick of time. This is where integrated CRM software plays its technique.CRM helps you to manage all these concerns effortlessly.
It also enhances your customer relations such as follow-ups, meetings, and negotiations, all from a single dashboard. In short, CRM plays a major role in transforming your online portal into a complete real estate platform.
Virtual Reality

How about taking a walk through the property that you are planning to purchase, from the comfort of your own couches?
With Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D modelling, it is easy for your potential buyers to have a compact view of the properties they’re interested in without even setting foot on them. Virtual tours help customers to enjoy a more detailed impression of your property. This feature also enables the builders and agents to promote their property all over the world.

Blockchain can store data and can act as a digital register for transactions and contracts. It helps you to automate all the transactions, accelerate leads and track them according to your needs. It creates an environment where third parties or middlemen are no longer needed in your real estate business to take over transactions. 

Blockchain automates secure transactions and makes investments more transparent and accessible to the users. This task is smoothly completed by a network of thousands of computers scattered across the globe, which makes it legit.
Geo-Targeted Mobile Applications 

How do you provide a hassle-free buying experience to your customers?

Well, it’s easy now. By using mobile applications with geo-fencing technology, you can create a trouble-free environment for your customers to access all the data associated with locations and property listings without even searching and devoting a chunk of time. 
Integrated Smart Maps

Smart Maps help users find information about all the properties in a particular area. Users simply need to draw an area of interest on the smart map. Once it’s done, mapping tool software helps you find sufficient details about all the property listings in the particular area. 
What makes this feature stand out is that information such as other facilities and vendor listings are also mentioned in addition to the preferred property details.

Digital trends are taking over the growth of real estate platforms. So it is important to re-strategize your business practices. If you are planning to reshape your online portal and transform it into a full-fledged one, it is always best to invest in a complete real estate software platform

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