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10 Must Have Features for Real Estate Marketplace Software

09/11/2020 10:32 AM

The real estate business has been evolving in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Gone are the days of tedious property buying and selling cycles: no more setting up thousands of meetings with prospective buyers, no more elaborate open houses, no more numerous calls to try to find a reliable real estate broker. Because now, everything is online. All you need is a smart device and a reliable internet connection. The online real estate platforms that utilize efficient real estate software to bring some structure to the conventional real estate business are now defining the very future of this industry.

One of the main factors that is helping lead this digital revolution in the real estate sector is the development and application of real estate marketplace software . Let us take a look at 10 of the indispensable features that any and all real estate marketplace software require to make the cut in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • Simple User Onboarding:

    The key word here is simple. Complicated registration procedures or asking for too many details will deter users from signing up. So, keep the onboarding process short and sweet.

  • Differentiated User Profiles:

    If you lump in all the buyers and sellers and real estate agents in one place, that is a recipe for utter confusion and certain disaster. It is important to enable users to create user profiles that reflect their role in the property management cycle.

  • Good Listing Database:

    The listing portal is without doubt one of the more important features of a real estate marketplace software. This is where the properties that are available are listed by sellers for prospective buyers to browse.

  • Sorting Features:

    Adding filters that can sort properties into specific categories will make it easier for potential buyers to find their dream property faster. Filters can help you find properties according to geography, locality, price, and more

  • Favourites:

    The option to mark favourites gives customers the peace of mind to keep browsing, knowing that they can come back to a previously explored property at their own convenience.

  • Property Data:

    When someone is looking to buy property, they will want as many details about the ones they have shortlisted as possible so that they can weigh their options and choose the best property available from the lot. This can be pictures, videos, information, virtual tours, and more.

  • Calendars and DM:

    Calendars to set dates for property visits and features to message buyers directly will be a big plus as it avoids the hassle of multiple calls to set up appointments.

  • Calculators:

    Financial calculators on the same portal will save customers the time and effort of switching portals to make payment calculations. This is sure to give you brownie points for customer satisfaction.

  • Maps:

    It would be extremely helpful to have property locations listed on a map of the area.

  • Analytics:

    Finally, analytics: the tool to determine how well you are doing as a real estate business. Analytics provide valuable information on customer interaction on your platform and will help you understand what needs to be done to improve your conversion rates and retention rates.

Real estate marketplace platforms like Zeekin are now playing a key role in reimagining the way the real estate business develops over the years. They analyse existing data and undertake extensive surveys to compile a list of the rising demands of real estate buyers and sellers, and come up with novel features and strategies to ensure that these demands are met, and met well.

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